Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Senator in the Centerfold

Get used to this picture, because I'm going to post it every time I mention Scott Brown. He's the Republican who won the Massachusetts special election to replace Edward M. Kennedy in the US Senate, in case you haven't heard.

He's kind of a Sarah Palin with about the same amount of gray matter but more testosterone, and he wants you to know that he drives a truck, and his daughters are available.

This would all be kind of funny except it's going to be even harder to pass health care reform now. Fox News pundits have gleefully proclaimed that "health care is dead!" Predictably, the spiteful, privileged, conservative, rich men are happy that the rest of us will suffer. I wonder if they laugh when they read the obituaries?

I don't know if health care is dead or if it's just on life support, but the Massachusetts vote is not a referendum on reform. This is a vote by one small state that already has their own health care reforms in place. And paradoxically, among the Brown supporters who are against the Senate health care bill, 23 percent thought the bill went "too far" -- but 36 percent thought it didn't go far enough and 41 percent said they weren't sure why they opposed it.

There are still ways that Democrats can pass a health care reform bill, if they can grow some balls and realize Republicans are going to piss and moan the whole way through.

Also, Scott Brown would like you to know one other thing: that sexy bod is only for the ladies.

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Trung said...

for the love of god, please do not post that picture every time you mention him! i want to gouge out my eyes after i vomit my lunch due to severe nausea that this picture has inflicted upon me!