Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Well, town halls are now the official venue for performance art. Watch as these "ultra-rich" protesters rally for wealth-care:

(YouTube video)

Of course, it's all satire, and it's a good effort and all, but is it a wasted effort? In light of the the recent study that found that conservatives believe that Stephen Colbert dislikes liberalism, I'm skeptical. Listen to that woman at about 3:55 into the above video. She's a little confused at first, but finally agrees she's an ally of the "Eat cake please!! (Support the diabetic supplies industry)" crowd.

These town hall teabaggers or whatever they call themselves don't get it. Not only are they nodding in agreement to these outrageous signs, but they don't realize this naked truth: the true billionaires don't have to protest. They don't have to carry their own signs. They can buy a congressman, legislation and an "advocacy group" which persuades gullible people (like teabaggers) to carry protest signs on behalf of corporations.

But the funny video will get a few thousand hits on YouTube, and maybe somewhere there still exists a fence-sitter who will see the irony and satire and be won over. But Stephen Colbert still does it better.

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