Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shh! The Adults Are Talking!

I didn't want to write about any more idiot town hall shouters, but I didn't know they'd be invited to President Obama's Congressional address last night.

Yeah, I'm sure you've heard. Representative Joe Wilson, R-SC, shouted "You lie" during President Obama's health care speech. Christ, what an asshole.

In the aftermath, Democratic leaders have called for a censure of Wilson, Wilson's Democratic challenger has raised over $200,000 since last night, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized Wilson.

Ironically, Wilson's childish outburst came right after Obama chastised the politicians and commentators who are making wildly bogus claims about health care reform:
Some of people's concerns have grown out of bogus claims spread by those whose only agenda is to kill reform at any cost. The best example is the claim, made not just by radio and cable talk show hosts, but prominent politicians, that we plan to set up panels of bureaucrats with the power to kill off senior citizens. Such a charge would be laughable if it weren't so cynical and irresponsible. It is a lie, plain and simple.
So Wilson's outburst was one more lie punctuating the president's remarks, because Wilson's outburst was, in fact, more misinformation coming from the Republican party. It is not hard to fact check: In the Senate Finance Committee working framework for a health plan, which Obama's speech seemed most to mimic, there is the line: "No illegal immigrants will benefit from the health care tax credits."

And I will duly note Wilson's prompt apology. Funny, it seems to be a good week for Republican apologies. But Wilson wants us to believe his heckling was all spontaneous. I'm skeptical.

To the Republicans, theatrics are all they have. Theatrics amount to distractions. And notice how everybody is concentrating on the dumbass heckler and not the content of Obama's speech?

The discussion should be about Obama's plan. We deserve an honest and intelligent debate just like we deserve health care reform.

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