Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catching Old

"You don't know shit, and you're not shit. Don't take that the wrong way, that was meant to cheer you up." — shitmydadsays.
Nothing like a lame discussion on Boing Boing to make me feel old. The excitement is over this 1971 book cover:

Okay geek kids, calm down. The famous author, though talented I'm sure, did not prophesy the technology of the 2000's. No, the lady in the snazzy green and black dress is not using an iPhone! It's just a transistor radio! She's holding the pocket-sized device in a slip cover while tuning the AM dial with her thumb, and presumably, the floppy hat lady is listening too -- earbuds were not needed back then. These early music and information devices all had monophonic speakers. It was a standard feature.

Yes, there were compact, rectangular, hand-held devices even 40 years ago, as some Boing Boing commenters noted. Though rarely mentioned, the iPod is not as innovative as we'd like to believe. Indeed, it looks an awful lot like some tiny little radios from the 1950's.

Anyway kids, that music is going to make you go deaf. I don't give a shit what you say. And get off my lawn!

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