Thursday, September 03, 2009

Protest Song

I'm paying way too much attention to our Idiocracy in inaction. After reading one blogger's exhausting firsthand account of a town hall meeting, I'll reiterate what I wrote yesterday: many of the problems in our country are due to illiteracy. There are people who won't try to read the legislation themselves, and people who won't listen to any explanation unless it's on FOX News. And there are people who ask questions, and when given an honest answer, scream "Liar! We don't believe you!"

So just as I'm thinking "enough! I don't want to read or write another town hall story," I learn about the incident in New Jersey where a woman in a wheelchair is shouted down at a health care town hall. Click that link and read the story if you haven't already. I think way too many people have lost their sense of compassion. I think it's time for some public shaming of these paranoid individuals who believe they have a right to silence others.

I also think that woman is owed an apology from those shouters.

Anyway... oh yeah... here's the new/old theme song of the wingnuts:

(YouTube video)

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