Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Head Rush

I really thought the attention being given to Rush Limbaugh lately was ridiculous. I wanted him and Palin and Joe the Plumber to slip into oblivion. They're irrelevant... to me at least. But to some segments of the population, they still rule.

Hearing Republican congressman Phil Gingrey beg Limbaugh for forgiveness after offending the beast was the most pathetic thing I've heard in years. But it was also an eye-opener. A right-wing talk radio host has filled the vacuum of leadership in the Republican Party.

As usual, it takes a comedian like Stephen Colbert to rip Limbaugh and all the meek Republicans who grovel at his feet (if video doesn't show, click here):

I love the way Colbert can get away with calling Limbaugh a pig. And let's not forget this bullet point: "And whatever Glenn Beck is." What is that guy? His television performances are completely maudlin. I think even Tammy Faye Bakker would feel embarrassed for him.

The GOP is becoming a sitcom of loony characters. But it's a tired and worn out show with a hypnotized audience willing to obstruct any governing that might actually help them and their families.


Loz said...

Politics isn't much better on this side of the planet :)

Kristen said...

Loz, I see you're in Australia. A friend of mine just moved to that side of the planet last year. I think he assumed he could escape this kind of politics.