Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The $100,000 Bong

US Olympic swim star Michael Phelps was caught smokin' weed. How boring. I mean he's not the first famous person to take a toke. He's in good company.

And the nice thing about being famous (with hero status) is that he probably won't be charged with a crime. However, seven other South Carolina party-goers and the bong owner aren't so lucky. Trying to sell the notorious bong on eBay for $100,000 was probably a bad idea.

But I want to make my position clear. I support the decriminalization or even legalization of marijuana. And yet, I don't think Phelps should be treated any differently than other law breakers. Lately I'm extremely intolerant of people who don't think the law applies to them.

When Geraldo Rivera of FOX News asked South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford whether Phelps should be prosecuted, Sanford replied, "I don't see what it gets at this point."

I'll tell you what it gets: public awareness. Awareness of a victimless crime. Awareness of why we get high. Awareness of therapeutic uses. Awareness of the ridiculous penalties and costs involved in pot prosecutions. Awareness that you can smoke pot and still win gold medals... And with this new awareness, people might start asking "why is marijuana illegal anyway?"

We certainly can't have any of that. And though Phelps lost his Kellogg's endorsement, the company oddly still profits from potheads. I wonder what's worse for you? Marijuana or this Gold Medal Sundae:

Gold Medal Sundae

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