Friday, February 20, 2009

Brutal Lectures

This diary on the Daily Kos describes one college students arrest at an Ann Coulter lecture at The College of New Jersey. The account is quite detailed, so it's best if you read it yourself. Some commenters point out that the student admits to not following the police officer's orders and, therefore, was lucky he wasn't tazed. That's all true, though it doesn't dismiss the brutality and vulgarity of the arresting officers.

But this story causes my brain to rocket off in another direction. Didn't those officers actually create a security hole? The whole thing seems allegorical to our War on Terror. While several officers tackled a weaker nonthreatening character on the lawn, who and how many were left inside protecting Ms. Coulter? My god, somebody could have thrown a shoe at her!

Not that I'm recommending anybody throw a shoe at her! I'm just joking! Har Har! Isn't that how Ann and other wingnuts escape culpability over ugly suggestions like certain Supreme Court Justices should have "rat poisoning" mixed with their food? They claim it's humor, but if you're gonna do humor, learn how to do it!

I have no doubt that crazed rants inspire acts of violence. That's why I think I'm going to be very worried after I watch this HBO documentary that presents conservatives who feel so alienated over cultural and political issues that they say they will never trust the new president, the Congress or the media.

Well, I'm not the trusting type either, but Coulter and those jackbooted Jersey cops aren't the answer I'm looking for.

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Trung said...

coulter's brand of vile, mean spirited attacks leaves me shaking my head. i cannot believe this woman is taken seriously.