Monday, February 02, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day

February 3 is Blogroll Amnesty Day, a celebration of small blogs. (If video doesn't show, click here):

Not to sound tearful, but I realize there are few blogs tinier than mine. So I will link to a few of my favorite blogs, and though the "Dorkmonger bump" may not account for much, I'll give it my best shot!

Trung Chatter: This is the friend who convinced me to start blogging again after a five year hiatus. He is working on his masters degree in econ at the University of Missouri Kansas City, so when he writes about institutional economics, you better listen.

People in the Sun: He has a cute baby, and a pit bull, and he discovered the meaning of life while reading a book store job application. Sometimes he makes observations I wish I had figured out myself.

Yoga for Cynics: Why am I reading a yoga blog? I'm lucky I have the strength to scratch my own head, but this blog is about more than body contortions. It's about the stuff I was raised to have contempt for -- like the search for enlightenment -- while still doubting and disagreeing with everything.

Pruning Shears: Dan writes a very level-headed political blog. There are the occasional succinct posts, but also many well researched and linked discussions on the expansion of government powers.

Past in Print Weblog: Aaron is a blogger with a background in American history, and I appreciate the connections he makes between our past and our present.

Superfabutastic: Hey, I just remembered one blog smaller than my own. My friend Mo, who likes to thoroughly research everything before he makes a move, created this blog a few months ago and has not written a single post. It's high time I busted his balls.

Ok, I think that's a pretty good list, and in the process of making it I realized it's kind of difficult describing why I like certain blogs.

Since this month marks the one year anniversary of the Dorkmonger revival, I hereby affirm my commitment to keep on blogging.


SJ said...

Maybe next year my blog will be on your list :)

Thanks for the comment at mine!

Trung said...

thank you so much for putting on your list! i would like to thank the academy and its members :)

keep up the great work. i think you do a fantastic job with the dorkmonger!

Kristen said...

SJ, I only started reading your blog recently, but it's very likely you'll make next years list. I was also thinking that maybe Blogroll Amnesty Day should happen more than once a year.

Trung, thanks for keeping your acceptance speech short. ;)

I found out I made a little faux pas in my post. I wasn't supposed to state that my own blog is small. Ooops. I'm doomed to another year of obscurity!

danps said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kristen. I really appreciate it!