Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep It To Yourself

Condoleezza Rice was playing it cool last night on The Tonight Show (if video doesn't show, click here):

For one tiny second I wanted to like her. After all, she's rejecting Dick Cheney's harsh words for Obama and basically telling the former VP to keep it to himself. But then I remember that this is the same woman who led the meetings with Rumsfeld and Ashcroft where they decided torture was legal. This is the same woman who was a complete failure as national security adviser. This is the same woman who went along with the charade to link Saddam Hussein to September 11, and then later denied it. No wonder she earned the nickname "kinda-lies-a-lot."

I was also irked by the whole "we did our best" shtick. It's not much different than Bush's petulant reminders that he made "tough decisions." Let's not forget that you only get the pat on the back when you make right decisions.

It's no surprise that Rice's interview was self-serving. She's trying to apply the soft focus lens to her career -- blurring the image and creating an aberration. We wouldn't put such a nice person in prison, would we?

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