Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cramer Vs. Not Cramer

Apparently my theme lately is whiny grown men (and one not quite grown boy). Today Joe Scarborough and Jim Cramer responded to a Daily Show segment titled In Cramer We Trust. Scarborough and Cramer proved that they don't get it. Jon Stewart mocks anybody who is hypocritical regardless of political party. He's a comedian. It's his job.

It's not his job to pick out stocks, so he doesn't. Stewart points out lies and hypocrisy and he does it well.

But on another note, if Jim Cramer thinks his stock show is an example of journalistic integrity, then I'd like to remind him of the very serious allegations that he uses his show to manipulate the market:
This rabbit hole involves the thugs surrounding Jim Cramer and some of the top financial "journalists" from the New York Times, WSJ, Fortune magazine and BusinessWeek, top hedge funds, the Mafia, and the DTCC. It also includes "blackmail, smear campaigns, espionage, fraud, harassment, extortion, bribery, rumor-mongering, sabotage, off-shore money laundering, political cronyism, frivolous lawsuits, witness tampering, biased financial research, false identities, bogus credit ratings, bribery, libelous blogs, bad science, forgery, wiretapping, counterfeiting, collusion, lying, cheating, threats and theft."

And if that wasn't fun enough, it may be the underlying story of what collapsed the entire, global banking system or at least served as the catalyst for the collapse.
The whole skirmish doesn't seem so frivolous now, does it?

Jon Stewart had another response tonight. Are these things choreographed like professional wrestling?

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