Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Are You Wearing...

...for Halloween? I'm never invited anywhere lately, so I usually just put on a witch's hat and hand out candy to the kids. Did you ever wear any of these costumes when you were a kid? Well, I never had any of those particular prepackaged costumes, but that style -- with the one-size-fits-all plastic jumpsuit, the plastic mask held on by a thin rubber band that usually broke, and the mask that made you sweat profusely -- you'd get to about two houses and have to take the damn thing off -- oh yeah, I had plenty of those costumes. Fond memories indeed.

I heard it's not really cool for drag queens to go as Sarah Palin this year (or any year). Though I suppose you can put some creativity into it -- moose burgers, pit bulls, oil drilling, Bush in drag, Republican dominatrix -- there's way too much to parody here, and way too much to be frightened by.

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