Thursday, October 09, 2008


I don't like to overuse this word, but today is a day I can describe as surreal. When I watch these recent videos at GOP rallies where audience members are shouting "treason" and "kill him" whenever the name Barack Obama is mentioned... when I see McCain's supporters laughing at Joe Biden's tragic story of losing his wife and daughter... when McCain and Palin encourage threats by not discouraging them... what other word can I use?

I've never seen a presidential candidate act so purely anti-American. Nine months ago I never dreamed I'd be so horrified with McCain. I admit I never loved him, but I expected to see a fair and honorable campaign not this desperate shit.

And what will happen if McCain and Palin win? It's bad enough we're fearful over our economy and national security, but now McCain is determined to divide us? I'm disgusted.

McCain is not a man who can lead the world or this country. Sure he can play to his rally audience. That's what he's doing. Working the converted into a mob mentality. I fear the result will be a repeat of last summer's Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting. McCain and Palin only need to trigger one mentally-unstable bigot...

McCain and Palin inspire hatred and praise Jesus all in the same breath.

The Secret Service are now investigating the threat made at the McCain-Palin event. What will it take before they investigate Sarah Palin?


Trung said...

these are the acts of a desperate man. it's obvious that mccain and palin cannot match wits with obamaa and biden in a debate format; hell, i doubt the "mavericks" could match wits with a jr. high school debate team at this moment. let's stick to asking them easier questions such as "gov. palin, can you see the moon from your backyard at night?" or "senator mccain, how do you feel about truffles?" although my support is with nader's campain, i'm a realist; it's always going to be a two party campaign in this country so my choice would be for an obama/biden white house. so much for democracy huh? as a side note, what's wrong with socialism? yes, communism failed with the soviet union, but i think there are some aspects of socialism that can be good or a country; oh wait, it doesn't benefit corporations or the wealthy elite. how dare i suggest even a thought! universal health care!!! :) ps, it pained me to use a sentence fragment towards the end, but i wanted to make a point :P

Kristen said...

Yeah, they love to call people socialists. They also love to accuse Obama and others of being "liberal" as if it's a dirty word. When Republicans call Obama "liberal" it only reminds me why I'm voting for him.

The Baltimore Sun has a good OpEd on McCain's attacks fueling hatred.