Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Ugly Out There

I wish this was a post about the weather, but it's more like a post about the atmosphere... the ugly atmosphere surrounding health care reform:

(YouTube Video)

Gang mentality is a horrible thing to watch, but the ignorant-assed teabaggers have gone too far this time mocking and throwing money at a man sitting on the ground holding a sign saying he has Parkinson's disease. These teabaggers are disgusting and stupid. Do they really think this man is stealing their money? Why don't they get mad at Wall Street and war profiteers instead? And who would take a baby to one of these shoutfests?

I cannot rationalize the behavior in that video and I will not listen to anybody who tries.

Even the people who the narrator commended for "thoughtful, reasoned opinions" were ignorant. One woman was repeating the tired Fox spiel about the bill being jammed down our throats and how nobody really knows what's in the bill. Well, you can read the damn thing online, and since we've been debating all aspects for a year now, I hardly say it was jammed... more like spoon fed in itty-bitty baby bites.

Maybe if the above video goes viral we'll find out who those jerks are. But the cynic in me knows that once those teabaggers are identified, they'll then be glorified by the wingnuts. Joe the Plumber meet Bob the Bigot. That's the way it is today.


HolyJuan said...

Columbus Ohio represent!

Kristen said...

HolyJuan, you obviously represent the cool people... which I'm sure must outnumber the teabaggers.