Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am bursting with Christmas spirit! No joke. And what makes me feel so jolly? Maybe seeing that attention-seeking whore Richard Heene (balloon boy's dad) being sentenced to 90 days in jail and ordered to repay the $42,000 in rescue costs. That's a steep price for 15 minutes of fame, and the asshole deserved it.

But besides crass vengeance, another source of holiday cheer is more traditional. Here's my nephew at his very first elementary school Christmas performance (short kid, back row center):

They even sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Hey, if you want to learn something about how your kids think, ask them if they believe in Santa Claus, and then ask them if they believe in the garbage man. Like most of us, they've probably never even seen the garbage man, so why should they believe?

A trip to San Francisco to see Wicked with a good friend also put me in a festive mood. I highly recommend you see that show if you get a chance. We also took a little trip to Union Square for dinner. I live so close to the city, and yet rarely go. I should have taken more pictures. Here's one of the ceiling at the Orpheum Theater before they yelled at me about no photography allowed. I'm such a rebel.

Baking is also a big part of Christmas.

Ok, I confess. We just put those pre-baked gingerbread men on a cookie sheet for the photo-op. The decorating, though, was truly our own. And have you ever seen such a pathetic bunch of gingerbread men, women, green skeletons, and three-eyed monsters? I didn't think so.

Merry Christmas!


Trung said...

i wonder if some network will give him his own tv show that chronicles how much of a dumb ass he is

People in the Sun said...

Hey, the green skeleton is pretty cool, you know? I'd like to go to SF. I was there 20 years ago. I miss it, even though I guess it's not the same. And anyway, I don't remember anything. I just remember loving it as a teenager.

Kristen said...

Trung, I think part of the sentencing is that he can't profit from his crime. I'm hoping that will prevent any kind of future television show.

People in the Sun, I have to tell my nephew that his green skeleton was a hit on the internet. Can't wait for his next creation.

fabutastic said...

I love the green skeleton, too. It reminds me of dead Kenny.