Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Does This Mean?

I first saw the above footage on The Daily Show, and it was offered without the usual wisecracks. I watched in mild disbelief, but concluded that our President Numb-Nuts was simply oblivious to the fact that it was hand-shaking time again. After all, as the Daily Show noted and documented, Bush had already greeted every world leader at the commencement of the Global Economic Summit in Washington, D.C., and the two day event was probably boring Bush to tears!

However, in the above CNN video, anchorman Rick Sanchez thinks Bush looks like "the most unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked."

So which is it? Was Bush oblivious, bored, and rude, or did all the G20 leaders conspire to snub Bush as some kind of response to his catastrophic presidency? If so, why didn't Bush even extend his hand? Why didn't he hold his head up or make eye contact? If he didn't make a single gesture, then you can't say the others rejected him.... Unless Bush was tipped off ahead of time that he was going to be snubbed, and so he decided he would rather whistle pass those guys.

Another possibility is that all these adults are in some kind of snit over something somebody said, but it's hard to tell. The consensus among key politicians, commentators and economists is that nothing extraordinary was accomplished but nothing extraordinary was expected.

Maybe the whole event was irrelevant due to the lame duck host and the absence of president-elect Barack Obama.

Still, I'm left with the impression that if these world leaders are indeed ostracizing Bush, then they are ostracizing the whole United States. Even if you hate Bush, you shouldn't be gloating over this possible snub. This situation is alarming. I think we will suffer many years for Bush's mistakes.

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