Sunday, November 30, 2008


"Only the dead have seen the end of war." — George Santayana
On a holiday to give thanks, I watched the Mumbai Massacre unfold on TV. I don't have anything authoritative to say on the tragedy. I haven't even sorted out the facts on who did it and why. I don't have anything profound to say either.

But the story of Alan and Naomi Scherr does touch me. Naomi was 13 and her father, Alan, was 54. They were on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India with the Synchronicity Foundation to teach seminars on meditation. I didn't know these people, but by all accounts that I have read, the two were pursuing peace and tranquility. And then they met with anger and violence. Like so many victims in Mumbai, they would have extended a helping hand to those same people who would rather use guns and bombs. It's an eternal paradox.

My hope right now is that India does not imitate the disastrous policies of the US, and that the US, at the very least, ends our wars and the shameful practice of torture. We are all to blame for the suffering we cause each other.


Trung said...

i couldn't agree more. noam chomsky was asked the question on how the united states can stop being "victims" of terrorism and he said it was quite simple; "stop participating in it." i think most americans are surprised or at least in denial if one were to call the united states the biggest terrorist state in the world. it's not surprising considering out society is more concerned that paris hilton was 30 days late for halloween or which lady lindsay lohan is currently dating.

Kristen said...

Wait, Lindsay Lohan is dating a woman? I need to catch up on this crap.

But yeah... you got my point. The US does a lot more terrorizing, but our government insists it's some kind of noble war.