Monday, September 22, 2008

Missing in Action?

Hey, where is George W. Bush? In the middle of this financial crisis, his spokesman has made some outrageous comments about wanting to protect CEOs from caps on compensation... but no real leadership from our President? I'm not surprised.

Of course, we're hearing a lot from the US Treasury Secretary as he offers us a "cash for trash" plan. We're also hearing more from Obama and McCain as they offer platitudes on how they would fix things.

But what really irks me about McCain -- besides his plan to deregulate heath-care like he deregulated banking, besides the fact that many of his advisers worked for Bush, besides the fact that he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate -- is his comment about the "fundamentals of our economy" being strong and the ensuing defense of that comment.

We're expected to honestly believe that by "fundamentals" McCain meant the ingenuity of the American people? When was that ever the question? When has our ingenuity ever been weak? I can only see this as a cynical attempt to turn an elitist comment into an acclamation of the working man. What bullshit.

I can understand why Bush is hiding. He doesn't want to be seen with McCain and nobody wants to be seen with Bush. And oh yeah, also Bush's approval rating has sunk to 19%.

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