Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fool Me Once...

Well here we go again. Remember when the undercover pimp and whore team seemingly got ill-conceived advice from ACORN? Well if that video tape splice job was good enough to bankrupt ACORN, why not try it again with that other imaginary monster, Planned Parenthood?

A Planned Parenthood employee was caught on tape giving advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute inquiring on how to obtain services for sex workers as young as 14. Let's not be fooled again.

Most of the media will ignore the fact that, just as in the ACORN incident, the organization's staff immediately alerted the local authorities.

I expect the MSM to also ignore the reality that, had the prostitution ring been legitimate, the first step to helping those underage sex workers would be getting them into Planned Parenthood, getting them tested and treated for STDs, and transferring them into the hands of child protective services.

Thank god Planned Parenthood would be there if such a situation arose. Of course, the video tapes could be seen as a wake up call to crack down on prostitution rings, but no... somehow the right-wing doesn't recognize that as the problem! They will, of course, contort this story into a cry to cut subsidies to Planned Parenthood. They don't want their tax dollars going towards abortion. Funny, but I don't want my tax dollars going towards killing civilians in our various wars, but I digress...

It's no secret that the right-wing hates Planned Parenthood, and this hidden video con job is quite predictable. But the Republicans have one more related scheme that is absolutely disgusting. The GOP plans to drastically redefine rape. According to the new house majority it is only really rape if it involves force. Don't you see? They're closing the "loopholes" so fewer women will qualify for federal assistance. No exceptions for statutory rape. No exceptions if the victim was drugged or given excessive amounts of alcohol. No exceptions if the victim has limited mental capacity.

I suppose to the dirty old men of the GOP those victims are all whores anyway.

The idiot GOP is making this bill their top priority. An online opposition is organizing now. Check it out.

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