Wednesday, May 05, 2010

He Will Survive

Conan O'Brien is legally prohibited from being funny on television, but I'll be seeing him tonight live (and hopefully funny) in San Jose. Of course, I used to see him five nights a week for free, now I have to pay.

But he came across as such a genuinely nice guy in his recent 60 Minutes interview that going to see him now seems somehow like a vote of support -- though millionaire celebrities generally don't need my support. Maybe attending his show is more like giving the finger to NBC? After all, they screwed him, and as Conan's wife said, "it felt like they never really gave him the job."

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fabutastic said...

So how was he?

Kristen said...

Yeah, it was a great show... more singing than I expected though. He brought out some of his famous late-night gags, but I guess NBC claims a lot of this stuff as their "intellectual property." So forget the "masturbating bear" -- he's now the "self-pleasuring panda." The funniest part is that anybody would consider that "intellectual property."

Anyway... oh yeah... Conan ran out into the audience near the end... I was on an aisle seat and he ran right past me! But my camera wasn't ready! Oh well.

Oh, and Conan showed quite a few Walker Texas Ranger clips. So now I like to turn to my friends without any warning, smile, and say "Walker told me I have AIDS." Which of course leaves them dumbfounded.