Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiger Chooses Nickelback Over Family

Hello there, I'm Mike. I'm a guest blogger today.

So, I saw this headline. Tiger Chooses Nickelback Over Family, which in turn really made me feel down. This is addressing something to do with a golf guy named Tiger, etc. However, what makes me sad is the fact that anyone could choose Nickleback over their family. I couldn't choose Nickleback over a slap in the face. But then I had a bit more think about it, and looked at the title again, and thought it could make a really heart warming story. Such as...

Tiger Chooses Nickelback Over Family

A starving Tiger in a local Canadian zoo broke free today. When forced with the option of eating his cubs to survive, or a mediocre rock band, he went with eating the band. After consuming the band, Tiger spoke about the incident.

"Well I was starving, and I couldn't bear the thought of eating my kids. I had heard quite a bit about Nickleback, and thought it may be a fulfilling endeavor. I found out after eating the band that I was left a bit empty. Instead of being a full satisfying meal, I found myself eating a bland, tepid, rather generic run of the mill slop. It's like someone took a pile of grey matter, and sprinkled some black and gold flakes on it, to make it look more impressive. In the end, it was completely unsatisfying."

Reading that story following the headline makes me feel a bit better.

- Mike


Trung said...
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Trung said...

i was hoping for the latter story to be true too