Monday, April 05, 2010

Northern Overexposure

How's that fair and balancey thing workin' out for you, Sarah?

Not too well apparently. Sarah Palin's Fox News show, with the gag-inducing title "Real American Stories," debuted on April Fool's day appropriately enough. The ratings though were the real punchline:
Sarah Palin’s much-hyped LL Cool J-less Fox News special last night didn’t bring in the huge ratings some (ok, we) predicted. Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record which normally airs at 10pmET beat the program the previous three nights in the A25-54 demographic and two out of three nights in total viewers. The show also lost viewers from the first quarter hour to the final quarter hour by double digits.
"Real American Stories" delivered a little over 2 million total viewers. Maybe America isn't that into her any more? Recently David Frum put audience numbers in perspective. Though he was referring to Rush Limbaugh, I think this applies to Sarah Palin too:

(YouTube video)

A daily audience of 3, 4, maybe 5 million people maybe qualifies you to be the Green Party candidate for President. Ha!

Which brings me to the topic of Palin's other show -- the one on TLC. The people at Defenders of Wildlife think giving Palin a nature show is thoroughly insulting. They are urging Discovery Communications to drop "Sarah Palin's Alaska." I'm hoping that when those ratings come in, they won't need much more urging.

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