Thursday, February 04, 2010

Baa Baa Demon Sheep

So here I am blogging about campy sci-fi filmmaking twice in one week, but this time the film comes from Carly Fiorina who is campaigning against Tom Campbell for Barbara Boxer's long-time Senate seat. I'm not certain, but I'm assuming Fiorina wants to be taken seriously with this attack ad:

(YouTube video)

Were you completely mesmerized as that confusing thing spiraled into insanity? My favorite part was when the phallic symbol sprang up with the sheep on it. And then of course it fell, because I guess things fall from high places after being struck by lightening. But I had no idea if I was supposed to cheer or cry?

Of course, the demon sheep eyes will haunt me for many nights, and I might have to see a doctor about my newly discovered ovinophobia. (Doctor, will I ever be able to play Farmville again?)

And why isn't Fiorina's face anywhere in the ad? The last few seconds eerily remind me of a particular Twilight Zone episode. This can't be good.

But they must be serious. There is a web site where you can report any sitings of demon sheep! Be sure to fill out that form a couple of times a day. I have no idea what happens actually... They send out sheep busters? Maybe you're entered to win a DVD of the 2006 film Black Sheep, or maybe you're simply placed on a government list of paranoid people. Let me know.

Meanwhile, I'm going to tell the Crab Island director that he should try his hand at political propaganda ads. If anything, there's money to be made.

By the way, I'll be voting for Tom Campbell because he doesn't insult my intelligence.


fabutastic said...

So our choice is between a faceless politician and a demon sheep? I think I'll take the demon sheep!

Kristen said...

Yeah exactly, fabutastic. By the way, hope my Twilight Zone reference was clear. I'm talking about the one where the "beautiful" people end up having pig faces... but you never see their faces until the end. They're only shown blurred or from behind.

At the end of that ad, there's something similar going on where they show a boardroom meeting, and you can't see anybody's face. Were they pig monsters? Was that Fiorina's staff? Is she a pig person too??? I'm scared.

pinkpackrat said...

Hollywood special effects on crack IMHO-- You gotta laugh because otherwise you will cry. This video is like a bad SNL skit but your post is, as always, fabulous and right on target. Thanks:-)

Kristen said...

Thanks pinkpackrat, I'm not sure if SNL or Monty Python could have done anything crazier!