Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taitz in Wonderland

This crazy storm we're having in the Bay Area made me want to turn off the computer, curl up and read a good book... or a good legal order.

This 43 page document issued by U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land slaps eccentric lawyer / dentist / birther conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz with a $20,000 fine. The document is really quite a read:
Quite frankly, the Court is reluctant to even dignify this argument by responding to it, but it captures the essence of counsel’s misunderstanding of the purpose of the courts and her misunderstanding of her own claims .... To suggest that an Army officer, who has received a medical education at the expense of the government and then seeks to avoid deployment based upon speculation that the President is not a natural born citizen, is equivalent to a young child, who is forced to attend an inferior segregated school based solely on the color of her skin, demonstrates an appalling lack of knowledge of the history of this Country and the importance of the civil rights movement. Counsel’s attempt to align herself with Justice Marshall appears to be an act of desperation rather than one of admiration. For if counsel truly admired Justice Marshall’s achievements, she would not seek to cheapen them with such inapt comparisons.
The judge does a beautiful job discrediting Taitz's mind-boggling claims... which I assume jack-of-all-trades Taitz won't even read. In fact, she is foolishly dismissing it as a form of intimidation.

But what I really enjoy about this story is seeing a tea-bagging birther face some kind of consequences for her lunacy.

Possibly the looniest part of the Orly Taitz sideshow has been watching so-called Republican patriots give support to a Russian trying to overthrow our democratically elected president. During the Bush era, they would have been charged with treason. Shit, President Obama deserves that peace prize if only for tolerating dissent.

I hope the next chapter of this Taitz comedy involves disbarment.

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