Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Frightened Fringe

So this is where we're at. An 88-year-old white supremacist with a rifle walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum today and opened fire killing a security guard. The gunman, identified as James Von Brunn, unsurprisingly had a web site which was one hell of a rambling manifesto full of the extremist rhetoric we've been warned about. This shooting is our second domestic terrorist attack in less than a month.

Why? The extremists can certainly hookup online now and feed each other a steady diet of lies and hate, and FOX has graciously provided them a place to call home. But even FOX is starting to realize their audience is looking more and more like the lunatic fringe:

(YouTube video)

The kind of people who leave comments on FOX Nation are a very frightened bunch. They feel like they're losing, and they are. They're losing the last battles of the so-called culture war. We'll legalize gay marriage sooner or later. Maybe even marijuana. Abortion will probably remain legal. Stem cell research is moving forward. Oh, and we also have a black president who isn't afraid to speak with the Muslim world.

Maybe even more frightening to their ilk is that one day the politicians will stop pandering to them. They're a dying breed after all.

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