Thursday, April 09, 2009

Levi and Bristol

"Suckin' on chili dogs outside the Tastee Freeze
Diane's sittin' on Jackie's lap
He's got his hand between her knees
Jackie say, hey, Diane
Let's run off behind a shady trees
Dribble off those Bobby Brooks
Let me do what I please." - John Mellencamp
Who can resist a story about two teens in love? Well, usually I can resist such dreck, but when I heard Tyra Banks would be interviewing Sarah Palin's former future son-in-law, I had to tune in (and I swear I've never watched the Tyra Banks show before in my life!)

But I don't intend to write about the drama and accusations coming from the kids and the adults who act like kids. I'll leave that commentary up to other blogs. I just wanted to say I was impressed that Tyra could get a straight answer out of the cute little dim bulb named Levi Johnston:

Ahhh... so Bristol's pregnancy was not a miracle nor a wardrobe malfunction!

Kudos to Tyra. I think I would have stopped repeating the question after the second try. But I assume Tyra has much more experience talking to the young ones about baby making.

Another question posed to Levi was if he'd vote for Sarah Palin if she was running for president. He said yes. You'd think she'd be thankful for the endorsement.

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