Thursday, April 30, 2009

If You Want the Job Done Right...

You have to do it yourself. Isn't that how the saying goes? So why aren't we, as a nation, doing this job ourselves: "In a ruling in Madrid today, Judge Baltasar Garzón has announced that an inquiry into the Bush administration’s torture policymakers now will proceed to a formal criminal investigation."

Further down in the article I found this interesting bit:
Garzón’s ruling today marks a decision to begin a formal criminal inquiry into the allegations of torture and inhumane treatment he has been collecting for several years now.

Spanish lawyers close to the case tell me that under applicable Spanish law, the Obama administration has the power to bring the proceedings in Spain against former Bush administration officials to a standstill. “All it has to do is launch its own criminal investigation through the Justice Department,” said one lawyer working on the case, “that would immediately stop the case in Spain.”
So President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are in quite a bind. For years the US has refused to join the International Criminal Court claiming we could "pursue credible justice at home." Well, now's the time to prove it.

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