Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention Coverage

I'm reporting live from in front of my TV. Believe me, it's a dirty job watching real reporters work. Here's a fine example of Chris Matthews calling bullshit when he sees bullshit (if video doesn't show, click here):

I'm highly suspicious of these bitter Clinton supporters. Are they really Clinton supporters? Or are they Republicans up to more dirty tricks? The second woman's talking points remind me a little too much of this other guy that Chris Matthews smacked down earlier this year. The common trait is an obnoxious ability to stick to a script while shouting dubious "facts" louder and louder. These twits are unable to answer any questions beyond their shouting points.

And then there is still this issue of religion that unfortunately we can't ignore. I view religion as an inner personal thing, and therefore, in my mind, you are whatever religion you say you are. If you say you're Christian, then you're Christian. That goes for Obama. That goes for Bush.

There might exist some preschool application where Obama's parents filled in "muslim," but I think it has no bearing on his adult beliefs. My parents baptised me Catholic when I was an infant. I had no control over it. Neither did Barack Obama.

Anyway these stupid lies were debunked seven months ago by CNN, but some closed minds are impervious to reason.

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