Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Things didn't go exactly as planned this weekend. On Friday my sister had organized a big family barbecue at her house, but my mom had been having headaches all week. About an hour before the party my mom checked her blood pressure and decided she needed to go to emergency. So my dad took her to the hospital, and the rest of us went on with the barbecue. Of course, all I could do was sit there and worry, because worrying is what I'm good at.

The doctors ended up admitting my mother to the hospital that night, and she is still there now. They got her BP stabilized, but they are still running tests. They think her headaches might be coming from arthritis in her neck, but they are also going to run some tests on her eyes tomorrow. Then maybe she can come home.

Last night I went to the San Jose Improv with some friends and family. It was MadTV Stand Up with Michael McDonald and Nicole Parker. We bought the tickets months ago and planned it as an early birthday celebration for me. But anyway, if you have a chance to see MadTV Stand Up, don't bother. It wasn't really BAD, but I've seen better. I was hoping they'd do some of their MadTV characters, but no... both comedians did a regular stand up routine that was kind of weak.

Nicole Parker did a lot of jokes about a lot of TV shows I don't even watch. I guess I really am following my New Year's resolution to ignore entertainment news, but there is a down side when I don't know who the hell everybody is talking about.

I don't remember any of the jokes Michael McDonald made, but by that time I had a bit of alcohol in me. So I enjoyed it anyway.

My friend Mike gave me a new Wii game -- MySims. It's kind of cute, but not at all like a true Sims game. Ever wonder what games they won't be making for the Wii? (Click here if video doesn't load.)

Hopefully I'll get back into a better blogging schedule by mid week... unless of course I keep celebrating my birthday for an entire week which I have been known to do... who wants to take me out next? :)

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