Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turn Off The Cameras, I Want To Be A Douche

This is an interesting video of Bush talking about the economy. Notice at the beginning he says "There is no question, about it. Wall Street got drunk... that's one reason I asked you to turn off TV cameras..."

Why the sudden consciousness of his image? I think everybody is quite aware of his smugness by now. Remember this video? And this video?

Speaking of the economy and smugness, are you aware that the former chief executive of AT&T, Ed Whitacre, was "probably the most exploited worker in American history"? At least according to Phil Gramm who lamented in a WSJ interview that Whitacre retired with only a $158 million pay package.

Bush and Gramm might want to sit down and review the hunger in America videos if they even give a damn.

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