Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soundbites Bite

This is how Fox News operates. They send some dork to interview Rev. Michael Pfleger. Then Bill O'Reilly takes one 5 second soundbite and uses it to launch a six minute tirade against the reverend concluding that the man should be sanctioned by the Catholic Church. First, watch the Fox news segment for yourself:

Now, let's get the whole story. The actual interview with Rev. Michael Pfleger lasts 10 minutes, where he defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright and smacks down the Fox grunt. Pfleger proves he knows his history and he knows how to debate. The poor little Fox shill doesn't know what hit him:

Fox also attempts to play the soundbite game with Martin Luther King, Jr.... reducing his I Have a Dream Speech to a single phrase.

Brace yourself for one long hot summer of soundbites.

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Trung said...

fox news sucks! they're about as fair and balanced as a sumo wrestler on a teeter totter with a small child!