Monday, February 25, 2008

Creationism BS

Let's take a walk through The Creationism Museum. It's also fun to explore with a faux special person. I admit I was slightly offended that these guys would fake a disability while visiting the museum, but their interactions with Ken Ham were priceless:
The interview was going well. Ham was spouting nonsensical creationist rhetoric, and I was in full-blown retard mode. We were like long lost twins. He continued averting his gaze, however. My assumed detriments reminded him of man’s fall from grace. It was time to test this man of God.
Ever wonder how those Creationists get their s0-called scientific research published? Peer review is an important step in the publication of scientific research, but a new journal published by Answers in Genesis has adapted (evolved?) this process to "ensure that research meets academic standards of scientific inquiry, but rather to ensure that the scholar's conclusions conform to a literal interpretation of the Bible." Ahhh.... the illusion of scientific theory! I think this journal will be mocked as often as the museum.

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