Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snorting Spaghetti

I wanted to post something more thoughtful today, but some old neighbors stopped by for a visit, and we went out to dinner. I ordered chicken parmesan with spaghetti. Halfway through the meal I somehow snorted a piece of spaghetti half up my nose. Believe me, it's very uncomfortable having a piece of pasta stuck in the back of your nose and dangling half down your throat. I made it through dinner without indicating that anything was wrong, but when I got home I had an hour long fit of blowing and snorting trying to get the thing out. I was about to give up, but then I had an uncontrollable gagging reflex that brought the 2 inch piece of pasta out of mouth. It was all covered in mucus, and no, I didn't not take a picture! I am relieved though that I am not alone.

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