Monday, August 16, 2010

They Came First for the Building Permits

The fear-mongering over the "Ground Zero mosque" is in full swing now. Never mind that the proposed Cordoba House is not a mosque. Never mind that it's not actually on the Ground Zero site but a few blocks away. Never mind that there is already a nudie bar equidistant from this supposedly holy ground. This is "Republican wedge issue 2010" -- facts be damned!

Tonight, in his special comments, Keith Olbermann clarifies the misconceptions about the Cordoba House community center:

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By the way, remember that other Republican wedge issue six years ago or so? It was gay marriage. And where are we now? Closer than ever to legalizing gay marriage? A positive achievement against such adversity, but you'd think Republican voters would be a little more skeptical over nonsense social matters which their candidates grow bored of once the election is over. And Republican candidates might want to be a little more cautious over the painful divisions caused by their misinformation and rhetoric.


Jeff Morrison said...

yeah... moronic republicans haven't said too much about a shinto shrine 5 miles from the site of japan's pearl harbor attack...

Kristen said...

Jeff, thanks for the link. I didn't know about the Shinto Shrine, but it doesn't surprise me. Seems that years ago nobody would have thought to make a fuss over such a non-issue.