Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Riddance

I tried to watch Bush's somber farewell last night, and although the speech was less than 15 minutes long, I had to hit the mute button halfway through. If seven minutes was too much for me, then how did I survive the last 8 years?

My frustrations have been well documented in this blog, so I'll just link to MarketWatch's seven most horrible things about the Bush presidency and add "amen."

I also agree with this keen historical observation from the Left Field blog. Nearly 50 years ago, Dwight Eisenhower said farewell to the nation with a warning about the growing strength of the ties between the military and corporations. Sadly we haven't heeded those warnings.

So what will Bush do now? Clear some brush at his ranch? This might shock you, but even the Crawford ranch was a facade. It was political fiction. But unlike other fake cowboys, Bush couldn't even live up to the cowboy code.

Inauguration day is almost here. Don't forget to stop into Krispy Kreme and get your free abortion doughnut.

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